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We're committed to turning today's talent into the leaders of tomorrow. With us, you can reach your full potential, work with a team that feels like family, and enjoy a legacy of innovation and ingenuity. Help us shape our company's future, and we'll help you forge yours.


Spend your summer with a Fortune 200 company!

Immerse yourself in GPC’s enriching 11-week internship program at our company's headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Gain invaluable work experience through hands-on projects while enjoying summer events designed to foster personal and professional growth. Among the events planned, you will engage in Lunch ‘n’ Learns with executive leadership, attend a Braves game in the Hank Aaron Terrace, serve our community through various projects, and partake in much more. As the summer draws to a close, you'll take center stage and deliver a keynote presentation to your colleagues and leaders, showcasing the contributions you've made throughout the program.

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2023 GPC Interns

internship areas


GPC’s Corporate Communications team focusses on all inward and outward-facing communication. As a Communications Intern, you will have the opportunity to write articles and posts for internal publication, as well as social media platforms. You will also participate in discussions related to the comms playbook, media opportunities, and crisis communications. Additionally, our comms intern will be involved with the executive visibility program, developing a framework for executive messaging, managing the flyer process, and helping with flyer set up around campus.

Skills you'll gain

  • Research
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Networking
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“I really enjoyed this internship because of the people at GPC. I had the opportunity to work with a talented team who was inviting from day one. They allowed me to explore so many different areas of communications and I have learned so much from my time here because of it. Their guidance has been extremely helpful to me and has made my experience the best it could be!”

Lauren Ashe New York University ‘25


GPC is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for its employees, all while striving towards a sustainable future. As a DEI & Sustainability Intern, you will play a pivotal role in the creation of our 2024 Sustainability Report. Additionally, you will chart our path towards achieving a perfect Corporate Equality Index score by 2026, offering insights into potential adjustments in company policies, strategic marketing approaches, and benefits administration strategies.

Skills you'll gain

  • Synthesizing Data
  • Public Speaking
  • Prioritization
  • Communication
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“The program is extremely well run. It is amazing that we get to know our cohort so well and get to have so much interaction with senior leaders!”

Marta Westerstahl Georgia Institute of Technology ‘25


GPC’s Digital team is responsible for all user interface related developments.

Our Digital Content Intern will work on brand page initiatives. Over the summer, you’ll offer recommendations to enhance ecommerce presence, and analyze KPIs with proposed SEO optimization. Additionally, you are the first point of communication with other brands and your director, handling metric requests and conducting competitive analyses of similar brands' performances.

GPC’s Digital Merchandising Intern will make recommendations on ways to improve online experience from an internal search perspective. You will conduct market research and analysis, connect with vendors, host vendor meetings, and maintain regular communication with them. Additionally, you’ll conduct service pattern research to enhance their team's understanding and decision-making processes.

Skills you'll gain

  • Public Speaking
  • Project Management
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Microsoft
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“I really enjoyed getting to know the other interns through various events. I had the opportunity to network with people from different departments and everyone was very open to answering my questions. I also had a lot of hands-on experience and got to do work where I felt respected and important!”

Isabella Allario Georgia Institute of Technology ‘24


As a Finance Intern, you will complete four rotations across departments, giving you experience within different functions of Finance & Accounting. Over the summer, you will deepen your understanding of financial statements, gain experience in project management within Global Payments, and consolidate financial data. You can also expect to be involved with asset management, updating sales and inventory data, and assisting in future month-end and quarter-end preparation.

Skills you'll gain

  • Excel
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Networking
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“The program was great. One thing I enjoyed was the open-door policy where you could talk to any manager. This was a wonderful opportunity to pick executives’ brains about different careers and business. I also enjoyed the volunteer aspect and all the social events we participated in. Overall, it was a great program where I learned a lot about the company, myself, and work culture.”

John McLendon University of Alabama ‘24

Human Resources

As a Fortune 200 company, GPC must efficiently manage over 60,000 employees situated across the globe.

Our HR Generalist Intern will gain experience in a wide variety of HR functions and responsibilities. You will improve onboarding processes, organize HR events throughout the summer, and analyze employee survey data to recommend policy implementations.

As a Talent Management Intern, you will develop and implement strategies, policies, and programs that align with GPC’s business goals and support our talent acquisition, retention, and development objectives. This might include developing programs centered around behavioral and competency-focused interviewing techniques, documenting our Progressive Discipline process, or enhancing job descriptions for organizational development.

GPCs Project Management Intern will lead teams to define and deliver multiple projects and initiatives to successful outcomes. You will collaborate with business stakeholders and participate in strategic planning activities such as program and product road mapping to help grow the program and project management practice.

Skills you'll gain

  • Written and Verbal Communication
  • Synthesizing Data
  • Public Speaking
  • Project Management
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“The culture of the program and company, as experienced through interaction with my team and executives, has been the best part!”

Jordan Everett Auburn University ‘23

Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management enables Genuine Parts Company to distribute replacement parts with greater speed and efficiency. Within this department, there are many different roles that are crucial to our success.

As an Engineering Intern you will identify opportunity requirements, capture data, and provide counter measures with recommended solutions, increase performance, and reduce variation inside operational processes.

GPC’s Inventory Planning and Replenishment Intern will analyze data to pinpoint costly process deviations and inventory adjustments, focusing on process improvement mapping and future state recommendations.

Our DC OpEx Intern will work with resources across multiple departments to identify work requirements, identify data sources, and build prototype reports/standards of work for the area of focus.

Skills you'll gain

  • Communication
  • SQL
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Problem Solving
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“I loved it. The balance between work and intern events was great. The people were also just beyond kind, and it was so cool that I was able to shadow another team!”

Katelyn Kominski Georgia Institute of Technology ‘24

category management

Category Managers own strategic category direction aimed specifically at enhancing GPC’s sales, profit, inventory turns, and market position within the industry. As a Category Management Intern, you will identify an underperforming category, identify growth opportunities, and develop an execution strategy.

Skills you'll gain

  • Excel
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Networking
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TECH Internships


Our Cloud Engineers build the foundational platform and services to enable domain teams to run their applications in the cloud. You will gain experience working with google cloud platform and its services as you grow and evolve during your internship.

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Cyber Security

Our embedded security engineers, work together directly with our software engineering feature teams, and partner to ensure all solutions, both existing and new, are highly secure and architecturally sound, and follow GPC Corporate Security policies & guideline. As an intern, you will gain experience in creating, fixing, extending, and scaling code to keep it working and to harden it against all the bad actors.

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Our Data Engineers build data pipelines, models and are involved in data governance for enterprise data platforms. As a data intern you will gain experience with enterprise level data, understanding and creating solution designs & application as you grow and evolve during your internship.

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Search/Product Discovery

Our Search engineering team is responsible for the search and discovery experience for our customers worldwide. We provide information, answer questions, and make recommendations to help customers find what they are looking for. You will gain experience building systems that power up intent-based keywords, image search system, understanding and creating solution designs & application as you grow and evolve during your internship.

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Site Reliability Engineering

Our SRE engineers are responsible for application reliability and performance. As an intern, you will work on software development projects to keep important revenue-critical systems up and running, from code-level troubleshooting of traffic anomalies to maintenance of our most cutting-edge services; from monitoring alerts to building new automation infrastructure.

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Software Engineering

Our software engineers need to be versatile and enthusiastic in addressing new problems as we continue to push technology forward. You will design, test, deploy and maintain software solutions as you grow and evolve during your internship.

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I really enjoyed this program, and the main reason is because of my team. My manager and my mentor made me feel like I was a part of the team. I was in standups every other day, having 1:1's to check my progress, and I was also assigned stories on Jira that are detrimental to the team. It was a great learning process, and it gave me the perfect view of what the work force looks like. (Also, free food!)”

Jimmy Hoang Georgia Institute of Technology ‘24

"This summer I really enjoyed the project I was assigned as it allowed me to explore various fields of computer science and learn a lot in a relatively short period of time. Outside of my primary project, I enjoyed interacting with other interns during Lunch 'n' Learns and community service events.
Overall, I enjoyed the program because I was exposed to a wide range of computer science ideas and got the opportunity to get involved with the Atlanta community through service."

Abdul Kareem Aliu Massachusetts Institute of Technology ‘26

“The program allows you to work on projects that are going to be used. It doesn't feel like busy work. Additionally, there are many intern events to promote friendship and personal development.”

Abby Miller Auburn University ‘25

Graduate Internships


GPC’s MBA internship will allow you to apply classroom knowledge in real-world situations before graduation and develop your professional network. Throughout the program, you will collaborate with diverse stakeholders, both internal and external, and deliver a final presentation to our company’s executive leadership. As an MBA intern you will demonstrate effective communication and leadership capabilities while working on a project with substantial business impact.

Skills you'll gain

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Organizational Management
  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Data Analysis
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“GPC's MBA internship is well-structured and offers the opportunity to work with a variety of players cross-functionally while completing a project that is clearly impactful to the company. As a person in their mid-twenties, I also never expected that I'd get to take part in meetings/one-on-one networking sessions with executives like Will (President), Bert (CFO), Naveen (CIO), and Paul (CEO). Not many MBA candidates are afforded the opportunity to establish meaningful connections in the way offered here.”

Alex Swan Georgia Institute of Technology Scheller ‘25

NAPA EMT Program

The NAPA Executive Management Trainee (EMT) program is designed to expose high-potential future leaders to all areas of the NAPA Auto Parts brand. This program is a rigorous, 12-month training program that exposes our trainees to all aspects of the business while allowing them to design their careers with GPC’s U.S. Automotive Group. The program splits into 4 phases:

  1. NAPA Store
  2. NAPA
  3. Sales
  4. District

The program concludes with a capstone project in which a team of trainees works together to develop a business solution, analyze data, and much more.

Each EMT is paired with a coach who provides on-the-job experiences using a comprehensive list of business processes. Each trainee will also participate in leadership development training and coaching with the NAPA Talent Development team throughout the program. Graduates can take on the role they did during the program upon completing it.

Ideal candidates for the NAPA EMT program are recent college graduates with a genuine interest in exploring and designing a career with Genuine Parts Company.

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Finance and Accounting Rotational Program

Our two-year Finance and Accounting Rotational Program (FAR) is perfect for a graduating college student or recent graduate who wants to learn more about the fields of finance and accounting. Program exposure includes investor relations, treasury, FP&A, operational finance, internal audit, tax, business process improvement, general accounting and financial reporting, and more!

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person on computer

“My internship experience at GPC showed me the inner workings of a Fortune 500 company, specifically in the finance and accounting departments. My experience made me confident that pursuing a full-time position as a Finance and Accounting Rotational (FAR) Trainee at GPC was the right choice. The FAR Program has given me an opportunity to further expand my knowledge in finance and accounting. This program has given me a better picture of what areas of finance I want to focus on for the rest of my career.”

Isabelle Leaphart Finance & Accounting Rotational Analyst

Driver and Retail

Haven’t graduated yet? Many of our part-time delivery driver and retail roles have flexible hours that are well suited for the busy lifestyle of a student. No two days are the same here at NAPA. No automotive experience? That’s great too — we welcome all career backgrounds! Whether or not you bring automotive knowledge, we have an opportunity for you.

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smiling person

Sales Trainee

Our Sales Trainee program allows you to prepare for a role as an Account (Sales) Representative or a Customer Service (Sales) Representative. Over approximately 15 months, you will gain experience in sales, company product lines, and customer base. You’ll also get leadership training and the opportunity to work in the branch’s warehouse to become familiar with shipping and receiving, inventory and delivery functions.

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people in reflective safety vests people at a table smiling group of four pepole

Genuine Voices

headshot of Babak Panahi
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My intern experience at GPC helped me in a couple of ways. First of all, I had no corporate experience, so it was a very good training experience for me to get to know the business. Other than that, I believe it gave me enough time to get to know the things someone in my position needed to know before I had a full-time position with a higher workload and pressure.

Babak Panahi GPC Senior Data Scientist
headshot of Chad Romo
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Speaking from experience, I think the EMT program is an amazing place to jump off a career with a company that has staying power. You have great program leaders from GPC, great field leaders, and the opportunity to work in so many different fields and specialties. One of the best things about GPC is the sheer number of opportunities and roles for employees to hold. It is literally one of the few places you can start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

Chad Romo Senior Associate of GPC Digital,
Voice of the Customer/Customer Experience
headshot of Joe Procyk
quote mark

Looking back my experience through the EMT program, it was a tremendous learning and growth opportunity. During my time in the EMT program I was exposed to variety of areas across the business ranging from DC and retail operations to hitting the road with the sales teams. Along the way you are presented with the opportunity to work in each of these areas to see firsthand what is like and to discover where your strengths lie. Joining the EMT program also awarded me with the opportunity to relocate. Coming from Des Moines, Iowa I never imagined myself with the opportunity to move to Atlanta. In 2017 that is exactly what happened. Though moving away from home can be tough, I wouldn’t trade anything for the experiences I have had.

Joe Procyk Program Development Specialist
headshot of Craig McDougald
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I came in as an Executive Management Trainee, which allowed me to learn different aspects of the company. I got great insight to what it feels like to actually do the work, which has made me a better leader.

Craig McDougald DC Operations Manager
headshot of Rachel Denae Haynes
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[My internship] was really fun because I got to see a day in the life [of an HR Manager]. With the help of my manager, mentor, and the people in the cubes around me, I was able to excel in things like communication with other HR Managers outside of HQ, which was really fun because I made connections with people in Washington and California. When I received my job offer, they sent me so many messages which made me feel valued and respected at GPC. Getting the experience to meet the different departments and HR levels helped me figure out that being a generalist is exactly where my heart is.

Rachel Denae Haynes USAG HR Intern
headshot of Grayson Stack
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My experience as a software development trainee with Motion has been great. The employees here are all very welcoming and friendly. My teammates are great at what they do and are very helpful. They are always ready to drop whatever they're working on to help each other out if someone is stuck on a problem. Motion is a great company to work for and I'm sure these factors contribute to the average employee tenure being as high as it is!

Grayson Stack Motion Trainee
headshot of Hallie Kate Hannah
quote mark

My time at Motion is one that I will never forget! I learned so much about the inner workings of Human Resources, myself, and Motion. I am so thankful to have worked at a company that truly cares about their employees!

Hallie Kate Hannah Motion Human Resources Intern

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