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It’s a great time to be at GPC! The GPC Technology Team is amid a massive tech transformation to modernize the global technology landscape of the organization. The Tech Team is looking for authentic, resourceful and out-of-the box thinkers to join the company and make a tangible impact on the business. Join GPC and achieve great things!

Tech Channels

Our goal is to be best-in-class Supply Chain for our business. We are on a multi-year journey to transform our GPC Supply Chain technology to support our omni-channel vision. Key areas of focus for the tech team include Warehousing & Distribution, Transportation, Inventory (planning, forecasting) and Delivery. Data-driven decision making will play a pivotal role; we will be leveraging Google cloud platform to help drive key inventory related decisions for our supply chain. Data science will play a key role going forward.

The mission of the Corporate Systems team is to provide secure and reliable modernized technology platforms that enable our business partners to make data driven, global decisions and improve the employee experience across the enterprise.

The Commerce and Data Platforms team focuses on building next generation ecommerce systems. This includes developing better catalog search and discovery capabilities. We are creating systems that will define our inventory and pricing strategy to improve business efficiencies using cloud and data.

Our Global Cybersecurity mission is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the GPC global brand through world class security practices. Our goal is to centrally execute cyber defense to protect against threats and to deliver governance, risk management and data compliance for our global business units. Simplify and scale access to our business by enterprise access management and embedding security guardrails across our regions of North America, Europe, and Australia.

The IT infrastructure management team provides structure and control of the components responsible for diverse, technical operations. These components focus on the hardware, software, network, data center and storage, virtual environmental access, and wireless and wired setup. Systems management, network management, and storage management are contained within these components, and a comprehensive strategy harnesses the maximum potential of each for the benefit of the business.

Software Delivery-Selling Systems

The GPC Software Delivery-Selling Systems team works on delivering a variety of future-facing products to support stores and customers, from improving the Payments processes, online buying, delivery tracking, POS, inventory and more! Teammates empower GPC engineers to find the right technologies to build GPC’s products.

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Software Delivery-Supply Chain

The GPC Software Delivery-Supply Chain team facilitates the Supplier to Customer journey of all products sold across GPC’s various NAPA distribution channels by providing tools that forecast, replenish, transport and warehouse the product throughout the journey.

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Cloud Engineering

The GPC Cloud Engineer team provides Site Reliabilities Engineers and Developers self-service infrastructure so they can accelerate the delivery of services and features autonomously. This includes pre-build modules and Google projects with paved path technologies, network configuration and security controls.

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Corporate Systems

GPC’s Corporate Systems team is responsible for managing Microsoft, HR related software and financial applications, the company intranet, the AutoTech Supplier LMS system and more. They also have a Robotics Process Automation team that works to identify ways to use robotic automated processes for repetitive work efforts.

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GPC’s Infrastructure team delivers stable performance and resilient-based services supporting GPC’s hosted application services and corporate systems. Teammates’ focus on compute, storage, virtualization, network and cloud technologies to leverage automation where possible to deliver self-healing capabilities.

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Data Science

The GPC Data Science team leverages data and analytics for solution delivery and promotes an environment of AI/ML democratization. Teammates’ build capabilities that leverage AutoML tools or custom modeling techniques and provide a paved path for self-service solutions designed to support exploration and experimentation.

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GPC’s Security Team is working to solve complex problems, spot security vulnerabilities and protect GPC against cyber-attacks. Teammates’ areas of global focus include cyber-crime, identity access management, network security, threat intelligent, security governance and more.

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Program Management (PMO)

GPC’s PMO team brings new ways of working to the Project and Portfolios groups to improve team performance and achieve better project outcomes. The PMO Team works with people at all levels, across our global organization to help our teammates learn new ways of working and delivering critical initiatives for Genuine Parts Company.

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User Experience & Research (UX)

GPC’s UX team focuses on ensuring that the end user is heard and that the products they deliver meet those needs. Through research and analysis, the UX team leverages data to work alongside developers and product managers. Their focus is on readjusting the Digital platform to be more user friendly and consistent.

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Hear from our Technology Leaders

Naveen Krishna (Video)

Naveen Krishna – Executive VP & CIDO

Cheryl Hiles (Video)

Cheryl Hiles – Sr Director of Human Resources

Matt Mackenny (Video)

Matt Mackenny – VP, Supply Chain Technology

David Nagel (Video)

David Nagel – VP and CIS Officer

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One of my favorite things about GPC since joining is really seeing the culture. It is really important to the company to have community events and really just feel like a family overall. It is amazing to be such a global company, but it feels so small and tight knit. Everyone is approachable, there are company happy hours where you can just walk to the CEO and the Presidents and it’s just so down to earth. I’ve never been at a place where people are so approachable.

Jennifer Wade Senior Manager – Engineering Payments
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The prospect of joining a new team and helping grow from the ground up, that was very attractive to me. Working with technology such as React and Google Cloud was very attractive to me. I think it’s a great time to join GPC IT because GPC as a company is investing their resources to be competitive, to be innovative and they’re investing in new talent.

Jimmy Nguyen Software Engineer
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We are leveraging the latest and greatest tools to not only provide a one-stop solution, but to create an entire ecosystem with different mediums offering direction to our customers to help them do their job better than before. Anything we are doing, our customers are at the center from the start to the finish line and this makes me feel entrusted and passionate about what I do, because at the end of the day, I am working on a solution that will have a global impact.

Farhan Nadeem Product Owner – Selling Systems
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I work daily with very capable and amazing engineers that are focused on my growth as a software engineer and want me to succeed. I grow daily with the team and that is one of the reasons why I definitely recommend GPC. The work is very exciting seeing your projects come to life and working with wonderful and amazing people to build upon it has been a really enjoyable experience.

Long Huynh Software Engineer
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GPC offers an amazing opportunity, I believe, in terms of getting the chance to be on the ground floor of a technology transformation for a massive global company. You don't really get that opportunity a lot of the time. Your say is valuable. You're a part of this community and the things that you contribute are accepted.

Keith Mosley Enterprise Architect

Project spotlights

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The Data Science team worked on several exciting projects in 2023. Teammates built predictive sales models to help drive site selection for stores, labor optimization models related to workforce management for operations across the country and more!

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GPC’s Security Team is working to mature the company’s first ever global red team. A red team consists of security professionals who act as adversaries to overcome cybersecurity controls. This team will evaluate system security in an objective manner and make recommendations and plans on how to strengthen an organization’s security posture.

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The Corporate Systems team is partnering closely with the HRIS team through a multi-year Workday implementation. GPC is moving from disparate HR systems around the globe and consolidating into one single HR system. This is a large 3-year project to bring all GPC subsidiaries together on one common HCM platform.


GPC’s Global Technology Center in Kraków, Poland is an innovative tech center established in 2022 by GPC, a global service organization engaged in the distribution of automotive and industrial replacement parts across North America, Europe and Australasia.

As GPC grows worldwide, it embarks on advanced technologies. The newly opened Technology Center catalyzes complete system modernization and the development of ingenious solutions in product management, the creation of UX/UI digital platforms, supply chain optimization, cloud computing and global cybersecurity.

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strong Benefits for Genuine People

In addition to the traditional benefits offerings, GPC also offers:

  • Flexible Working Schedules

  • Free Onsite Breakfast, Lunch And Snacks

  • Learning Opportunities

  • Community Engagement

  • Wellbeing

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